Light Switcher 2.0: Light Switcher is a great game to train your intelligence to the fullest!

Light Switcher 2.0

Light Switcher is a great game to train your intelligence to the fullest. Switch off all the lights on a panel. It is not as easy as you think. The moment you switch off one light the one next to it switches off as well. If you get to the end of the game with one single light left, well you lose cause there is no pair light there to switch off both of them. Oh yeah, there is a time limit as well.

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ForOffPC 3: ForOffPC - handy software designed to help you plan system restarts and shutdown

ForOffPC 3

OffPC - handy software designed to help you plan system: switch off the monitor, shutdown, restart, stand by, hybernate, change user on PC . ForOffPC is Freeware. Purpose of ForOffPC - provide you a user-friendly interface. - be simple and easy to operate. - provide multiple useful features, but not an overload. In ForOffPC you can plan system : - switch off the monitor, shutdown, restart, stand by, hybernate, change PC user at a time you select. -

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PC Breaker 1.0: Comprehensible utility for fast  and correct exit from Windows.

PC Breaker 1.0

Comprehensible utility for fast and correct exit from Windows.Now even, your grandmother will be able correctly to switch off computer.Changeable image of the button.Autostart . You can set auto shutdown Windows in given time.Forced exit from Windows.

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Power Off Key 1.0: Just press ScrollLock key to power off. Nothing to learn, as simple as possible

Power Off Key 1.0

switched off by single press. But now we must do several clicks at different menus to complete such ordinal operation. Every day we spend time to do it, several and more seconds. If average time is 5 seconds everyday, then every year we spend half an hour. We have designed this utility to save lifetime by pressing only one `ScrollLock` key on the keyboard to turn off PC. It`s a simple as possible, no settings, no menus, no mysterious icons at tray

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ShutdownEr will log off,reboot or shutdown Windows (and on some PCs, will switch it off) at a time you specify. If you were downloading a big file and you knew when it would finish, you set this program to shutdown the machine at a specific time. You can log off, shutdown or reboot by pressing a single key on the keyboard. You can even shutdown a PC on a network.

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ScreenOFF 1.6.0: This tray accessory is used to switch off the power to the monitor w/mouse click

ScreenOFF 1.6.0

This tray accessory is used to switch off the power to the monitor. No more touching the monitor switch. Also it lets you save electricity because less energy is wasted when you are not using the console. The computer is not turned off so it can continue working with other stuff while the screen is off.Now in this release was added keyboard support. In addition to a single mouse click you can now turn off the screen by pressing a key on the keybo

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SandGlass 2.10: Time switch programs or computer

SandGlass 2.10

This small application is used primarily as a timer switch or computer programs, but unlike other programs of this type can also control the state of COM and LPT ports. This gives you the opportunity to enable and disable external devices via your PC. Application scripts to perform more complex tasks.

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Net Profile Switch 7.0: Network switcher, switch network settings on laptop

Net Profile Switch 7.0

Network switcher. Switch network settings. For laptop/notebook users who travel from one network location to another. Switch between network configurations. Assuming a DHCP-enabled network at your office and a static IP-address at home, every time you connect to a new network you have to change network settings, switch browser proxy, etc. But with this settings manager you can store two profiles and switch between network settings in seconds.

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IntelligentShutdown 3.2.0: Save electricity and shutdown your PC when it`s no longer used.

IntelligentShutdown 3.2.0

switch off after doing the job task? Thats were Intelligent Shutdown comes up! It monitors your PC down to a specific condition such as a certain processor load, network access, mointors a specified process / program or a given time period. Is the event reached Intelligent Shutdown shuts your PC down or brings it into any Power savingmode, like Standby or Hibernation Mode! So your PC stays off, instead of running useless until the next day and unnecessarily

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iHotkey 6.34: Activate functions using one key combination.

iHotkey 6.34

Activate functions using one key combination. - Turn Off Computer: WinKey+Shift+F4. - Restart: WinKey+Shift+F8. - Log Off: WinKey+Shift+F12. - Switch User/Lock Computer: WinKey+Shift+L. - Mute/Undo Mute: WinKey+Shift+End. - Add/Delete Hotkey I/II: WinKey+Alt/Ctrl+Anykey(F1-F12/0-9/A-Z).

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